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  1. Iain MacKinnon successfully overturns publication ban

    Iain MacKinnon recently acted for Sun Media and the Toronto Star in successfully overturning a publication ban in the Ontario Court of Appeal. The criminal case attracted media attention because of the unusual basis for the appeal.   After the jury rendered a verdict at trial, it was discovered that some jurors conducted their own independent […]

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  2. Chitiz Pathak Secures Cost Award Against AlarmForce

    Chitiz Pathak obtained $45,000 as “reasonable” costs for the defendants after a motion for an injunction was abandoned by AlarmForce Industries Inc. After hearing submissions from the parties, the Honourable Justice Dow of the Superior Court of Justice, ordered that AlarmForce pay a total of $45,000 in costs to Think Protection Inc. (“Think Protection”), Joel […]

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  3. Chitiz Pathak Sponsors FULL HOUSE: A Poker Tournament to Alleviate Urban Poverty and Homelessness in Toronto

    Chitiz Pathak is pleased to be sponsoring FULL HOUSE: A Poker Tournament to Alleviate Urban Poverty Homelessness in Toronto. All proceeds from the event will support Ve’ahavta’s mobile response to the homeless van program. The charity tournament takes place on Wednesday, June 17th, 2015.  For more details about Ve’ahavta the event     

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  4. Daniel Chitiz and Alastair McNish: Ontario tobacco farmers facing a new regulatory regime

    New Regulatory Regime for Raw Leaf Tobacco Farmers in 2015 2015 is the first year of a new system for regulating the Ontario tobacco industry.   The Ontario Ministry of Finance is now responsible for overseeing all aspects of the tobacco supply chain – from planting through to sales and export.  Tobacco farmers need to familiarize […]

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  5. Chitiz Pathak Successful in Defeating Resulting Trust Claim and Establishing Intention of Gift

    Gargi Chopra was successful in defeating the Respondent’s claims to a proprietary interest in several properties under the doctrines of resulting constructive trust in a complex family law trial of two unmarried spouses. The parties owned significant properties, which ownership was at issue. The Respondent argued at trial that he was the true owner of […]

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