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  1. Chitiz Pathak Successfully Defends Trade-mark Opposition by Local Newspaper

    Chitiz Pathak Successfully Defends Trade-mark Opposition to Application by Foreign Newspaper In an appeal to the Federal Court, Tamara Ramsey was successful in defending the decision of the Trade-mark Opposition Board allowing an opposition to a trade-mark application by a foreign newspaper for the word mark “Ajit”. AJIT, a common name in India, is used […]

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  2. Case Comment: Trans-High Strikes Again

    Tamara Ramsey provided a case summary for the Bulletin published by the Intellectual Property Institute of Canada about a recent case, Trans-High Corporation v. Conscious Consumption Inc., et al, 2016 FC 949, dealing with trade-marks for marijuana paraphernalia and personal liability of business owners who deliberately infringe. A full copy of the case summary is […]

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  3. Case Comment: Key Words and Passing Off

    Tamara Ramsey published a case comment in the INTA Bulletin about the case of Vancouver Community College v. Vancouver Career College (Burnaby) Inc., 2017 BCCA 41 in which the Court considered claims for passing off based on both key word advertising domain names. It is important to note that key words advertising will not constitute […]

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  4. Chitiz Pathak LLP successful at the Court of Appeal on behalf of Estate Trustees seeking a sale of jointly owned properties

    Alastair McNish represented the estate trustees of an estate that jointly owned two income properties with another party. Mr. McNish brought an application on behalf of the estate trustees in the Superior Court of Justice to compel the sale of the properties. The respondent opposed the sale on the basis that the deceased had agreed […]

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  5. Daniel Chitiz and Alastair McNish: Is Large Scale Marijuana Farming on the Horizon?

    Expanded Marijuana Farming Still Only One of Many Possibilities under Future Regulation   The legalization andregulation of marijuana for recreational use has been in the news since the 2015 federal election.  Since that time, there have been very few clues about what future regulation might look like.  Under the existing Marihuana for Medical Purposes Regulations(“MMPR”), […]

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